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"Caio is a unique and special human being, let's start there. If you are you are going to entrust your beloved dog to someone for 30+ days then Caio is the only option in my opinion. Caio's kind/humble demeanor and obvious wealth of knowledge regarding dog-psychology made my wife and I feel COMPLETELY at ease with leaving Tallulah in his care. He posted progress videos on IG and regularly texted and called to provide updates. This really helped soften the blow of missing our 5 month old girl. Within days we saw progress through STP's Instagram and over the course of a few weeks we were blown away by how well Tally was responding to training. She seemed happy, energetic and excited which made us feel very happy and grateful for Caio. Caio has continued to follow up since Tally has been home and the foundation he gave her is very strong. We picked up right where Caio left off with multiple daily training and play sessions, sticking to the ground rules that Caio established with her and....SHE LOVES IT! Tallulah loves to train and our bond with her is so much deeper now that we have a solid basis of communication with her. If you are new to puppy life/dog life and serious dog training like we were, you will find Caio's approach and expertise INVALUABLE. We have a deep respect and admiration for Caio and what he has been able to accomplish for multiple families through Secure The Pack Dog Training. If you are within a 150 mile radius of Fort Lauderdale STP is the only way to go. Move Love from Devin & Daniela!"

Devin & Daniela

Caio went above and beyond with my 2 1/2 year old Doberman Pinscher Rambo. Rambo had a barking issue, was very difficult to walk, and had some separation anxiety. Now it’s almost like he’s a whole different dog in the best way possible. I would do it all over again if I had to. My money was well spent and definitely a great investment. Caio was very responsive and professional with us throughout the boarding process and explained to us everything we needed to know for us ti continue to implement the same commands as he did on our own. We are so happy with Rambo and our experience with Secure the Pack Dog Training!

Alex & Natasha

Bringing our 4 year old Husky, Zeus, to Caio has been the best decision we made. Being away from him for so long was hard but so worth it. Zeus had a lot of anxiety, fear and did not know how to walk on a leash. With the help of Caio, Zeus is now way more confident and able to have more freedom while still maintaining his manners and learned commands. And to our surprise Zeus is doing amazing off leash, something we never even thought possible. Caio's expertise and care is exceptional! He really took the time to answer all our questions and concerns and would update us on Zeus's progress. Caio really takes his time training us too so that we as owners, can continue implementing everything he has worked on with Zeus. 100% we would recommend STP to anyone looking for a dog trainer! We would do it all over again without a doubt.

Tracy & Antonio

After seeing what he accomplished with one of my friend’s dog I decided I had to send my puppy! I have never once regretted that decision. Caio took my puppy at 4 months for puppy obedience and gave us back a changed dog! Murphy learned so many useful commands and walking became so much more enjoyable. I enjoyed working with Murphy after he had the fundamentals down and could see he enjoyed training as well. Being able to control him helped to strengthen our bond and allowed me to take him more places! At nine months we sent Murphy back for ecollar training so we could go to the next level! He just came home and I can’t express how pleased we are :) Both Caio (and Murphy) blow my mind and I can’t wait for all the new opportunities I have with my dog now. Investing in proper training is a worthwhile investment if you truly want to integrate your dog into your life and include them in everything you do. Trusting your dog and learning how to understand and teach them creates a much happier environment but I would only send my dog to a trainer who I trusted and I assure you that you can trust Caio. He loves the dogs and they love him!


Caio took in and trained our babies when they were 5 months old. They learned so many commands and how to walk properly on a leash. He is awesome at what he does and has great patience. Our pups are over a year old now and without Caio’s expertise and training, I feel we would have a lot of chaos in our house. We can control them, all the dogs eat together, they know the place command very well... Caio definitely gave the pups structure. I would recommend Secure the Pack Dog Training to everyone.

Shelby & Gus

I can't begin to describe how much Secure the Pack Dog Training has impacted our lives! My dog suffered from anxiety and often couldn't be walked without it being a complete disaster. She is now more confident and with the help of Caio listens and can be walked with ease! Highly recommend for a well rounded training that will help dogs with all types of concerns for a reasonable price!


I highly recommend Caio!  Not only is he reliable and professional, but he is truly amazing with dogs!   He has such a gift!   My JB is a typical auss-hole/border collie mix and he was insane.  I did the board and train with Caio and the transformation was incredible!  It was like he gave me back a whole new dog.Recently, I had Caio come again and train me lol.  We brushed up on JB's recall and did some e-collar training.   What he taught me in six sessions has been awesome.   When I tell JB to "Come" he does right away.  JB listens so good now and if I ever have a question or need any help with JB, Caio is always there to help and answer questions.  He is top notch!

Angie & Brian

Secure the Pack was the best investment I made for me and my dog Sunny! Caio was able to change some of Sunny’s behaviors that I thought would never change. She was crazy when encountering other dogs, birds/ducks and squirrels... not anymore! We can go on walks that are actually enjoyable! Would recommend and have recommended STP to everyone who has a dog with issues!


Caio took in my four year old pit mix dog who had severe anxiety issues and dog reactive issues on walks , also destructive in the home. My dog came back to me a brand new dog. Caio made my dog feel more confident and taught him how to ignore his surroundings. This training was one of a kind and worth every minute of it!

Jasmin & Justin

We entrusted Caio with our 2 yr old Staffordshire Terrier, Charlie. About 30 days later Charlie came home a completely transformed dog! Caio taught him how to focus and control his anxiousness.

It's very rewarding to be able to take Charlie on a walk, off leash, and have him stay 100% focused regardless of the distractions around him. Thank you Caio.


I found this dog on the streets in my neighborhood with no owner in site. Super loving hood dog with absolutely no manners. Caio took this dog and turned him into the most obedient dog I’ve ever owned. He helped us turn this street dog into a loving member of our family that we can take everywhere and do everything with. I will send all my future dogs to be trained with him. Amazing dog trainer, very professional and all around great person.

Harry & Janet

Caio trained my belgian malinois(max) into the best dog he can be. Max used to have high anxiety and would chase anything and everything outside. Now he stays calm and he plays with anyone that comes to my house. He doesn't chase animals outside. Definitely would recommend using secure the pack dog training.


I loved the results of this experience. Caio is an excellent professional, and trustworthy to train our furry friends. My dog was full of bad habits, and didn't listen or obey commands at all. After his training, he is a new dog, and I am thankful to Caio for giving me the opportunity for now being able to better enjoy his company and our walks and trips. Thank you!!!


STP dog training was absolutely the best decision we’ve ever made! Caio took care of our pup and did a great job training him off-leash, self control and patience. He was able to reduce his anxiety, making life at home so much easier! We are able to take him on car rides without a problem. He is so obedient now it’s unbelievable! Thank you Caio! We recommend him 100%!

Jackie & Manny

I have nothing but good things to say, I was worried at first on what the outcome would be but caio kept us updated he when we got him back it was almost like he wasn’t the same dog “in a good way." That’s the best part about it my dog kept his personality and gained all the knowledge a trained dog would have, not to mention he’s only 7 months. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional trainer.

Trey & Marissa

As most people know Siberian huskies are one of the most difficult dogs to train due to their stubborn nature. STP knew the challenge they faced however they accepted it. Throughout the entire board training process I was updated with pictures and videos showing progress that Naya had obtained. In the end the results completely surpassed any expectations that I had. When Naya returned home she was in a sense a new dog full of confidence, noticeably less anxious, carrying this new found happiness that was apparent. We tried different dog trainers before but Caio hands down outshined the competition. Months down the line Naya continuous shining everywhere we bring her as people always ask how our dog is so well behaved. I will continue to recommend anybody that is in need of this service. Thank you so much for your hard work and patience Caio!




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